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Our Tree Surgeon Specialists are here to help!

We are experienced in all aspects of

  • Tree felling

  • Tree and shrub pruning

  • Section dismantling 

  • Crown lifting

  • Crown reduction

  • Crown Thinning

  • Pollarding 

  • Hedge trimming

  • On site chipping

  • Garden and ground maintenance

  • Ash dieback Tree Disease

  • Formative pruning


Tree Felling

Tree Felling is the complete removal of the tree where space allows the tree to be felled in a single section. By using specialised techniques, we are able to control the direction in which the tree is felled. This is performed to eliminate dying, dead and hazardous trees. Tree felling can also be useful in eliminating competition for light and space. The stump will typically be left as close to the ground as possible. If needed, the stump can be removed.

Tree and shrub pruning

This is necessary to promote growth, maintain safe conditions, remove dead branches, regulate size and shape or to improve the quality of timber, flower or fruit.

Section dismantling

This involves using ropes and spikes to climb the tree and take down medium to large sized tree pieces at a time. This is performed if the tree is located in a confined area or if there is no access to fell the tree. i.e if the tree is in a small garden.

Crown lifting

This includes the removal of lower branches. This is to increase the space between the ground level and the lower branches. Lower branches may need to be removed to allow more light or to keep them away from buildings/traffic etc. 

Crown Reduction

This is a common pruning technique that controls the size of the tree while maintaining the shape and structure of its crown. Focusing on the uppermost portion of the tree canopy, cutting them shorter to decrease the tree height. The branches are only cut to a certain extent to ensure they heal and grow as they should.

Crown Thinning

This includes a process of removing selected branches (usually dead, weak, overlapping) to thin out the fullness of the tree. This creates more light to pass through the tree and reduces weight.

Logs & Woodchip

  • We recycle all green waste

  • We supply quality, seasoned hardwood.  Our logs are traditionally air-dried and split by hand.

  • All the timber comes from our tree surgery operations and our own land. There is a wide variety of mixed species however we do attempt to exclude all lower quality timber such as pine, willow and most softwood from our firewood stack.

  • We can supply woodchip ranging from fresh to well-mulched. The benefits of woodchip are great for maintaining soil moisture levels, slowly releasing nutrients into the ground, prevents soil erosion, supressing weeds and tidying the appearance of garden beds.

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